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A game purely about the joy of hiking, pushing your limits, and discovery.


JoyOfHikingv4.zip 342 MB


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imma try this out, i'll be back with a review later. i can't go outside irl because i have a rare disease called porphyria that makes my skin burn in the sunlight so im hoping this gives me that feeling i want again

REVIEW: aight, this aint it chief. this is very poorly optimized so its laggy as all get out for one, the graphics don't look nearly as good as the screenshots. (you could replicate them its just the angles they are at make it look good) the trees all move the exact same way and are clearly just copy pasted. textures load in slower than molasses and the starting cabin doesn't even have textures. combine all that with random floating white cubes and a bunch of terrain that you think you could walk up and can walk up the same degree slopes in other areas and you get a more frustrating system than if you where to take jumping out of skyrim. this is not at all what i was hoping and i am seriously disappointed. 3/10 


Hey, thanks for giving it a shot! Fortunately I don't think any of the issues you had are fundamental to the design of the game.. just the state of the prototype. Unfortunately that's where the game is going to have to sit for a while as the team navigates hardware failures on an approximate budget of $0.