A downloadable game for Windows

You are the elevator. Best played with a gamepad.

Gamepad (as displayed in game)

  • Left/Right Trigger - Open Doors, Go Up/Down
  • A - Stop/Release Brakes
  • Right Thumbstick - Move camera
  • Right/Left Bumper - Change camera view
  • Select - Exit game

Keyboard (bug: unbeatable when using keyboard controls):

  • A/D - Open Doors
  • W/S - Go Up/Down
  • Spacebar - Stop/Release Brakes
  • Mouse - Move camera
  • Q/E - Change camera view
  • Esc - Exit game

Premade Assets:

  • Graffiti Fonts from Google Fonts
  • Fonts & Icons from Kenney Game Assets
  • Prop/Environment/Character Models from Synty Studios POLYGON - Sci-Fi City (UE4 Marketplace)
  • Character Animations from Movement Animset Pro (UE4 Marketplace)
  • Character Animations from Idles And Gestures (UE4 Marketplace)
  • Music from Colossal Game Music 2 (UE4 Marketplace)
  • Sound Effects from Gamemaster Audio - Pro Sound Collection


PartlyAtomic_NeuronElevatorCo.zip 113 MB

Install instructions

Just run Neuron.exe

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